Bottle Kicking?

Thatched cottages, ducks on the village pond, a Norman church, rolling ridge and furrow farm land; this is the quintessential Leicestershire village of Hallaton, home of the ancient tradition of Hare Pie Scrambling and Bottle Kicking.

Every Easter Monday two villages (Hallaton and Medbourne) come together and “wrestle” for two or three bottles (barrels) that are dropped at the top of Hare Pie Bank, near the site of a medieval shrine.

There are no rules, and it is difficult to tell the teams apart. Hundreds make up the teams…..thousands come and watch the spectacle.


A game is won when one of the barrels is hauled across a stream or “try line” marking the village boundary.

Victory comes when 2 of the 3 barrels can be claimed by one of the villages. The contents are supped amidst much celebration at the end of the day from the top of the Buttercross.

This is a day for family and friends to join in the revelry and rivalry, scramble across the Leicestershire countryside, and savour the unique atmosphere of the ancient Bottle Kicking contest.

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