Taylor made Cider

Here at Bottle Kicking Cider, we love a challenge! Our daughter (aptly named Taylor) asked if we could do a ‘one off special’ for a forthcoming party.


So now, as well as offering a core range of ciders, we blend our base ciders into a unique brew for individual tastes and your own events. Blending the different ciders made from different apple varieties gives us an infinite number of possibilities. Rather than having ‘a one hat fits all’ approach we can put together a blend that suits particular tastes.


So if you like your cider sweeter or drier, more or less alcoholic, crisper or more astringent, we can Taylor make a draught cider just for you.


One of our customers in Leicester made such a request and we created ‘Gaz’s Guzzler’, a unique cider for one of their festivals ... it went down a storm.


We will also be able to provide a bespoke pump clip to match the cider (for a small charge).

You will be safe in the knowledge that there will not be anyone else with the same.


We say Cheers to that!


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